Bible Verse of the Day

Thursday, January 12, 2012


- by walkb99rhyme

Dreamcatcher, find me a dream
one that makes me happy
so peaceful and serene
a dream of many colors
a tapestry beyond compare
I'll slowly close my eyes
so you might take me there

Dreamcatcher, search out my soul,
what is it I am missing
am I out in the cold?
Bring me a dream with love warm and true
as my mind slowly drifts and i find my way to you

Dreamcatcher, I think I am there,
basking in the limelight
of the dreams that you share
so much beauty passing before my eye
this dream everlasting a delightful surprise

Dreamcatcher, your spirit prevails
and when I awaken, I'll have glorious tales
stories of love so real and so revealing
you bring to me such a glorious feeling

Dreamcatcher, it's time for me
to enter my daytime reality
and while I will be there for the rest of my day
I will carry you with me
till you take me away...

Make God your Dreamcatcher and let Him bring you peace ~SB