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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Big Bang, Evolution, and other Myths

The Big Bang, Evolution, and other Myths - YouTube

by Ricardo Torres

As a storyteller, I normally leave the responsibility of seeking proof and establishing facts using the scientific method to those whose responsibility it is to do so; I'm not particularly concerned about knocking down this or that paradigm, either. I merely find paradigms limiting to thought, including scientific thought.

At some point in history, art and science were officially subcategories of philosophy, and on some level they still are. To be more specific: on the dramatic level. The history of science is astoundingly dramatic; but the dramatist in me does not view it as a development; and whether scientific thought has actually been developing since the ancient Egyptians; or merely fluctuating, gaining some info while losing focus, isn't really my concern (except as a storyteller).

What I'm really, really interested in, though, is the psychological aspect of many, if not all, discoveries. Man is a creature of association: a concept in music will have an analogous concept in geology; one can draw parallels between chemistry and poetry; architecture and ice hockey; physics and theatre. There are a lot fewer elemental entities in the Universe than most people imagine.

With that in mind, I decided to explore the Big Bang theory and the Evolutionary theory from the psychological point of view; to establish what, strictly speaking, inspired Darwin and Lemaitre to come up with their ideas. The results of this quest turned out to be pretty dramatic. I've put together a video about this research; it is in the form of a story; a literary documentary; a fictional account of historical events, condensed and presented to both the pro and the layman as an adventure novel in cinematographic terms. It is 1 hr and 20 min long; it has the structure of a feature film: you skip or miss a few seconds, and the structure will crumble.


Thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking ~ Stafford

THE human brain is one of the most wonderful things in the entire universe. Most of us think of it as a delicate mechanism, which it is; but it is also sturdy and durable, a far more useful tool than is generally realized - use it!!! - Isn't God amazing!