Bible Verse of the Day

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lucky Dip...

It's would be quite difficult to carry out a scientific prayer study when a specific appeal is being made to God; after all, most times our plans are not in line with God’s irrefutable wisdom and plans. 

One thing is clear; it's the attitude of the person praying that is the most important variable - the intention of the person asking God to intervene. The most im­portant purpose of prayer is intimacy with God. This sense of relationship with a divine being has profound psychological effects - prayer offers a sense of comfort.

Whether or not prayers are actually answered doesn't really matter. When you receive a request to pray for the distressed, sick and suffering, people aren't expecting a miracle cure, more often than not, they seek the spiritual strength that comes from knowing others are offering prayers in support.

 For many, that is where the power of prayer resides.

 – Not perfect, but a good start…remember faith in the wisdom of God is of paramount benefit and importance to achieve true discipleship...