Bible Verse of the Day

Friday, December 02, 2011

Before - by A.J. McGowan

Don't ask if I could love you, or question if I care
I cant stop thinking of you I'll always want you near
You may disregard every word that echoes in your ears
You can't discard my feelings, you'll never calm my fears
And should my world grow silent, don't look into my eyes
But peer into my weary soul, it's there the truth resides
Other's have sang this song before, life sometimes is cruel
They strip you of your treasures, they rob you of your jewels
Tell me of your heartaches, share with me your grief
That leaves you disenchanted and rob you like a thief
Share with me each fantasy that fosters loves desire
Set sail with me to ecstasy on passionate waves of fire

Before I held you close to me, before I kissed your lips
Before I smelled your fragrance or felt  your fingertips
Before I heard the angels sing from the skies of blue
Before I sipped of your sweet nectar, or had my way with you
Before I saw you sweetly smile, before our voyage began
I could feel my emotions mounting, raging deep within
Before you lay beside me, your skin agains my flesh
I heard my heartbeat racng, pounding 'neath my chest
Before I got lost in your eyes, before I stroked your hair
I found I was a prisoner caught up in love's snare
Before I breathe my last breath, before our time is through
I'd penetrate hell's fiery gates to live and die with you~