Bible Verse of the Day

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Heal Thyself, Heal the World

Healing Our Thoughts, Healing Our World

All too recently, there have been so many global disasters, upheavals and events that have caused many to feel pain and suffering, one right after the other. Not only is the earth having these major events, but many people on a personal level are experiencing stress, pain, suffering and depression. Why does it seem to be such a worldwide occurrence lately? How much more can Earth handle?

A wide spreading school of thought is that this life experience is an “illusion,” that we simply need to forgive the thought that any of this is real and basically deny our experience of this human form. There are many New Thought systems that tell us to not think about the pain and suffering, and use positive affirmations to change our experience. This is all good and fine, but isn't that like putting a 'Band-Aid' on a deep wound and denying that it’s infected.

The Truth is, we are all experiencing a personal opportunity and, more especially, a global opportunity for major healing. But how do we heal our pain and suffering when so many are hurting and events keep happening that perpetuate and cause us to feel pain and stress and worry and depression?

Realistically the most loving thing we can do as individuals and as a world is to let our emotions exist - not to deny them, but to be with them and let them express. This is unconditional love: to allow something to exist without judgment, without feeling like we have to do anything or deny anything. Just to allow what we’re feeling, whether it’s a broken heart, a deep sadness over the loss of a loved one, fear of the future… whatever it is, the most loving thing we can do is to feel it, to cry tears that have been repressed, to cleanse ourselves of pain we have been holding inside for years, perhaps even our entire cognitive lifetimes. It is not practical to think that saying “Life is good!” will quell the situation; and then move on – neatly stashing and ignoring our feelings of pain. Those feelings will only occur again and again until we have taken the time and opportunity to confront them, allow them to exist, and then move forward when we are ready.

Think about trying this process that will get energy flowing throughout to allow these deeply repressed feelings and emotions to begin to surface - remembering that we don’t have to feel every emotion all at once; we have that choice!:

Allow yourself some uninterrupted time where you feel safe in your space and can just be in the moment. Close your eyes and get comfortable, and begin to feel your thoughts going through your mind, allowing them to float through, and reach for a feeling of compassion or peace or kindness to extend to your thoughts. You don’t have to love your thoughts, but just accept them as they enter your mind.

Then, as you feel more peaceful, begin to let a feeling or emotion manifest in your conscience awareness. This could be pain, anger, frustration, sadness or grief. Name it, whatever it is, and allow it to evolve into your awareness. Embrace it, give yourself permission to feel it, let the tears flow if they want to, scream if you need to, just express it fully until it begins to settle down. Once you feel it has been fully expressed in that space in time, then commune with it for a while until you feel enough peace to imagine yourself putting your arms around that emotion and holding it for a while, being with it, comforting it. Thank it for expressing and existing, for it has only given your heart a chance to open.

 Then imagine yourself holding its hand and walking towards the most beautiful place you can imagine (a happy place). And when you’re ready, pause for a moment to say goodbye. Then allow this new 'confidante' to walk off into the goodness of that serenity with feelings of love towards it. Only take this step when you have genuinely felt that you can befriend that emotion. It's not easy, so allow yourself adequate time to arrive at that point - days or weeks, and once each emotion is ready to be released, choose another one. And always be gentle with yourself.

Why are so many painful things occurring on both the personal and the global level? We cannot heal what we don’t allow to express. These are the times to begin personal and collective joining and healing. These are the times spoken about in the Holy Bible's prophecies and revelations, as we move further onward, delving into a loving relationship with everything that exists.

It makes me think of the passage: ‘In the twinkling of an eye… we shall be changed’ – in the grand scheme of things – isn’t this life that mere twinkle? ~ SB