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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Epitome of A Woman

(base credit to stormy096)

Take a good look, let me tell you what you see
The epitome of a Woman
Pure, sensual, beautiful that's her

Her voice, her charm her eyes, her smile
Epitome of Woman
Brilliant free child

Her walk, her touch, her grace, her hair
The symbol of a woman
That's her, she's rare

Her glow, her look, her lovely spirit wild
Her lips, her hips, her legs
Shy child

Cosmo, Essence, and Vanity Fair 
Search the world forever
To catch a glimpse of her stare

Priceless, untouched, unblemished, unraveled 
Temperament like coffee
Strong yet mild

Who is She? You ask, listen don't speak
The essence of a woman
What I crave for my keep
A rose, fine wine, ageless
That's Her

Front page articles should applaud her name
Her power, her beauty
Her nature, her fame

Elegant, eccentric, abstract is her wink
Her shadow takes photos
That make Hollywood think

You see, cameras can't capture what can't 
Be tamed, her charisma, sensuality
Her soul, her reign

Still confused, don't worry, open eyes can't see
Who is she? you wonder. You couldn't comprehend
Epitome of Woman to the end
Exquisite Desirable
That's Her..!