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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When will I see you again..?

Have you noticed, that when artists and illustrators dare to envisage GOD, they always depict Him as this old man, with a receding hairline, long locks about shoulder length, sporting an equally long white beard. They go on to dress Him in an unflattering white robe and open-toed strap-sandals. I suppose, given our perception of the effects of time, we haven't really anything more to go on with, than to envisage him as having aged quite considerably since He first started His Creation - our reality. But the attire? For a Supreme Being I think a smart double-breasted, pin-striped, Armani suit with matching shirt and tie and leather brogues would more befit an entity running the whole world - don't you?

I woke this morning, praise God!, with this on my mind - What is the perception we have of those we haven't seen for some time; the ones that have disappeared from our lives or departed this physical world. - In our minds we remember them as we last saw them. No further ageing has occurred over and through the ravages of time. I certainly don't imagine my late father (12 years now) as now having sprouted a beard and draped himself in a flowing robe with sandals. He still looks the same and still wears his shorts, calf-length socks, smart pair of shoes and collared shirt. - How do you recall the now unseen persons from your past? Parents, lovers, spouses, friends and acquaintances?

Perhaps today you should take some time and have another good look at those around you; those who are in your circles, those that affect your daily life. Really study their features. It could easily be the memory you will have of them for the rest of YOUR life! Pray - May God in His mercy bless and protect them all... (",)

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