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Friday, May 17, 2013

DOGGEDNESS - a Warrior's virtue

Stafford Samuel-Bear Lakay: DOGGEDNESS - a Warrior's virtue:

DOGGEDNESS - a Warrior's virtue

I sat down to write this commentary, prompted by a carcass of a dead dog, lying by the side of the road...

On returning from a walk this morning, I happened upon the form of a huge Alsatian dog, lying at the foot of the railway bridge I had crossed earlier. (Incidentally; my brisk walk / jog over the bridge has thankfully become much more pleasant after doing some regular excercise) The dog must have just been knocked over by a speeding motorist, (I had not seen the body on my outward passing) because it was still quite warm (I sort of checked; its eyes were open and glazed over; and I presumed that it was just exhausted) but the blood trickling from its mouth was the dead give away. The beautiful, wretched creature was dead. Its handsome thick coat (typical of the breed) of fur glistening in the struggling winter morning sun. But he was gone from this world.

I lamented the poor beast's passing with a quick prayer, and wished its life force a good journey, to wherever it is that animal souls go.

What struck me was the irreverent apathy everyone else showed toward the situation. A large dog lying dead along a public walkway is unusual, isn't it? Yet no one else even seemed to acknowlege its presence. It was there as large as life, but recognition of its physical being was only a show of indifference. (I pray its owners are somehow made aware of their loss and/or the poor beast's remains are duly disposed of decently - Not apathy on my part, merely logistics - anyway that is how I am going to vindicate myself from this one...)

It is the same with many of us. We are magnificent creations of God, going about our business of life; yet unseen (and sometimes even happy for that). The troubles of our personal world make us oblivious to our real essence; we start to marginalise our purposes and accept our duty as the core of our being . We begin to just exist, not to live!

Pursue your dreams with dogged determination... Change the course of your life today. You are worth it. You are loved... ~ SB