Bible Verse of the Day

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Family, Honour, Duty… even sub-consciously we uphold these earthly virtues; most probably in that order too…

But I know of some who, above all other else, flog DUTY to death, on a daily, moment by moment basis. No, it’s not their perceived duty they ‘kill off’, mind, but themselves, bit by bit, until an exhausted, bitter shell of a human being remains. - They have given up on themselves as being worthy of a fulfilling life. Through duty they feel they do penance. They give up true and pure fellowship (even with that someone special). They find fault with pampering themselves; to the extent that they call themselves incapable of giving or returning love; they cripple and label themselves as unfit, mentally and spiritually. They blame and punish themselves through selfless-duty for past mistakes, bad judgment, infidelity and all other crimes they’ve committed against Heaven and Earth. And yes, they would give their lives to fulfill that duty.

These duties extend to their FAMILY (if they are part of a true family, they are almost certainly already forgiven – but guilt is a powerful master), the people they have wronged (most of whom will in all probability hate them for the rest of their lives anyway – so what’s the point? – but the thought of being well-regarded is a thankless driving-force), their friends who they feel in judgment of (that all foolish pursuit of unbridled belief that your almighty REPUTATION is the foremost basis for continued affirmation of self… - what a joke! – it is your true CHARACTER that beholds such consideration) - All in all this is not a particularly ignoble path to follow on earth; if you have no belief in the Realm that follows this life! We all have duties. But when it takes over the whole of our being, think about it, in living (existing rather) just for the sake of doing duty, is SINFULL. When fostering duty as your life-force you have no alternative but to place earthly security above all else… We serve a jealous God; so when He charges us to love ourselves (take good care to lead wholesome, shared, nurturing and purposeful lives); it is not for the final good of ourselves or others; but to please and serve Him! They hold no faith in His forgiveness and promises… Where is your HONOUR in all this?

The SCARS of the past, physical and mental, bear witness to our journey here on Earth. They are not embarrassments to be hidden and shamefully excluded from our wholesomeness. The scars you have impressed on others, the scars they have impressed on you, the scars you are impressing on yourself are the marks of growing character. They may besmirch your internal and external body; but they are vital for your journey. Suppressing their existence limits your growth, withholds your glory and scoffs at your persistence and purpose. These scars are honourable reminders of our humanity. They usurp blood-lines, reputations, nominal entitlements and interdicts placed on your person by man. These scars make and keep you WHOLE!

I pray and beg God’s mercy opens your eyes and mind; to break you free from your self-inflicted mold; and you be born anew… ~ Stafford

“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” -Colossians 3:13