Bible Verse of the Day

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Wherever you turn in the World there are the unmistakable signs of chaos, violence and anarchy. Many people are emigrating from the land of their birth as they seek a haven of safety in another country. Others agonise as they wrestle with their conscience as they try to reach a decision concerning their and their family’s future. More than ever before people appear to be fleeing - from what and where, many do not know, but they are being driven on relentlessly by fear of what might happen to them.
We lose sight of the fact that to change our World, we don’t need to see new landscapes; we just need to see with new eyes!
This is not the first time that feelings of panic have gripped the World but the danger always lies in not knowing where else to go or where to turn.

As He did thousands of years ago so Almighty God still calls on you to turn only to Him in order that you might be saved. There is no material substitute for God’s peace and there is no safer haven than the Everlasting Arms which form your Eternal Dwelling place.
However worried you may be about the future of your loved ones and yourself; stop fretting and stop running. Instead, put your faith and trust in the Risen Christ; commit yourself into the protection of His Love and be reassured that, in Him, no harm will come to you.
Share in the knowledge that you are worthy to receive every desire of your heart. Allow God's love to fill every part of your being, even the parts you judge and feel guilty about.

Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for the knowledge that Your perfect love casts out all fear. ~ SB