Bible Verse of the Day

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All That You Are - by Krimsalt

When the sun is bright I know you are outside
Its light will spread your beauty worldwide

When the stars are dim I know you are outside
They are jealous of the twinkle your eyes provide

When the rain stops I know you are outside
Its gloominess and your beauty shall not collide

I know you are outside when the wind is blowing gently
The air will flow through your hair intently

When the air is fresh I know you are near
Your perfection will make it to go clear

When there is peace around me I know you have smiled
Your blissful spirit inspires the world and tames the wild

When the clouds have gathered I know you are crying here
Your natural beauty causes the earth to shed its tear

I know you are happy when the weather is at its best
The world celebrates with you having no rest

When nature plays I know you let out a laugh
The world's joy spreads on your behalf

When you are asleep nature watches and waits
The world guards over you in helpless states

When trees sag and nature is pale, I know you are ill
Nature sacrifices its health for you at its free will