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Thursday, January 22, 2015


Good Day to y'all - give thanks with a grateful heart...

Browsing through the messages on my various social media platforms earlier, I came across this cryptic 'missal': "What have you done?"

Nothing further, just the question, "What have you done?" - it was amazing (yet not surprising) how my immediate thoughts went scouring through my behaviour, my utterances and actions that may have caused distress or harm to someone. In other words, I looked for the worst thing I may have perpetrated recently that would condemn me as a 'bad person.' I don't know, because the message didn't elaborate on anything, or give me any indication about what I was supposed to have done - and because I cannot read minds, does that mean (the intention is this?) I have to squirm in torment?

It prompted me to say a quick prayer request for guidance; as to how I should proceed; and then an amazing thing happened - my ruthless optimism kicked in; my FAITH in a loving, gracious and merciful God brought my mind back to the realisation that His peace is with me.

If 'what I have done' has caused disharmony that is contrary to His glory, I must ask for forgiveness, and do whatever I can, within the scope of my changing attitude and resources to set it right, or retract it - incidentally, I couldn't think of anything that was sooo bad that I couldn't correct with His help and strength - then again 'what have I done', could be something good or worthily life-changing for this other entity that I may have affected - I'd like to think that is the case...

I just pray that the next time someone leaves the message, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" - my first thought would be peaceful, because whatever I do should always be to the glory of God; and thereby cryptic oneliners become commonplace validation of the goodness inside of me; and not the agony of ambivalent self-recriminations.

Stay blessed - and remember, no good deed goes unpunished (",)

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