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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Second Chances - more than imagined - yours for the taking...

Yes, I have made mistakes. Big, fat mistakes! But I don't blame them on circumstance anymore. I don't vindicate them by labeling them 'the right thing to do' at the time. I don't justify them as demands from others on me. I accept them, the ones that didn't work out, as my choices without fully seeking God's guidance.
Each time we make a fresh start, we are allowing ourselves the blessing of another chance; and even more importantly, giving God another chance to help us get things right. And that gives everybody around us a new chance too, at least, in the role they play in your life.
I get very angry when I hear people say, 'You only get so many chances.' - that's nonsense! We are granted as many chances as we are willing and prepared to take and give, the choice is yours and yours alone - don't let circumstances tell you any different...

New day - New chance - May our God of Second Chances bless and enhance your day!

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