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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In Loving and Living Memory of Malcolm Ian Lakay

Happy Birthday, Dad - you were granted existence time in this realm, from 23 July 1930, to 14 January 2001 - what an honour to be a part of your legacy!

I am still amazed by the people your compassion and wisdom touched, and how they have repaid your influence...

I am also dumb-founded and saddened by those who continue to 'repay' your kindness with continued shameful behaviour and remain trapped in their hurt, preferring to secret their shame; instead of embracing the message of hope and liberation you taught.

Dad, keep praying that they are released from their chains of fear, shame, blame, guilt and hurt they hold onto so tightly - this, of course, God being our strength and sustenance - help me, help them - Amen