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Sunday, January 12, 2014

'Til death us do part,,,

"What God has joined together, let no man put asunder..." - this admonishment has again come to light, very often recently, in posts identifying people caught up in abusive marriages and partnerships. Often it is their religious counselors (priests, pastors, ministers, etc) who encourage the abused spouse to 'stick it out' because the union is 'ordained' by God. And I believe this charge is read and applied incorrectly... (I'm not familiar with the exact references to this directive in the Koran or the Torah, etc - but similar guidelines exist)

A marriage partnership under God requires the condition of being equally-yoked. You should, and must, discover this condition before you contemplate a legal and God-sanctioned union, if you want to be guaranteed a successful relationship that outlasts your time here on earth. God has to be the centre and anchor of the marriage. If either spouse starts drifting away from this requirement, the communion of God's grace is lost, and then the union is doomed for disaster - and what 'God has joined together' has been broken by the breakdown of the internal workings of the partnership.

The admonishment is more aimed at the rest of mankind, then, who may seek to destroy the marriage from a point external to the partnership - which hinges and impacts on the one of Ten Commandments' caution: 'You will not commit adultery - or - 'You will not covet your neighbour's wife'.

A shared purpose to serve the Lord is key to a strong marriage. If you want to take a walk with someone, you must decide together on the direction. If you want to walk through life with your spouse, you must decide together which direction you want to go : toward God and eternity with Him, or away. A unified commitment to walking with God is the key to experiencing daily divine moments together.

Commitment to stay together, no matter what, is essential for a strong and lasting relationship. If you leave open the option for splitting up some day, chances are you will. If you don't see breaking up as an option, you will be committed to making your marriage work in all circumstances. This commitment joins you together in pursuing and accomplishing united lifelong goals, under God's grace and His Holy Spirit's guidance. - Brings to mind: 'The family that prays together, stays together.'

Healthy romance and physical love are important for a strong and happy marriage because they allow you to express intimacy and vulnerability in a way different from any other relationship. They foster special closeness that demonstrates your complete openness to each other. This is what sets marriage apart as a committed relationship like no other and makes it a symbol of your relationship with God.

If any of the aforesaid is missing and the relationship becomes abusive from any quarter, then I urge all of you who have been swayed to 'stick it out' because you have been told that you will be causing God's displeasure for breaking His bond, to strongly reconsider your options... the bond is already broken. - When last have you and your spouse prayed together? This is the initial acid test - 

Thank you for taking the time to read this - God bless - love Staf

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