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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sunday morning... coming down.

I got out of bed this morning, Sunday 02 June 2013 @ 08:20 a.m. - I had already been awake since about 05:00 a.m.; but the sounds of the storm still raging outside, had kept me under the covers. My morning prayer, which was conducted from there too, included a line seeking God's indulgence for not (and this always gives me a kick) 'rising up to kneel'...

It would seem the cold, wet weather had cut into my enthusiasm to give thanks from a more reverent position and focus. And it struck me how easily one can be swayed from following your convictions; how fickle and affected you can be - '...the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak...' in this case. True worship requires all of you; heart, mind, soul and body... I didn't give it my ALL; did God still place any value on my morning prayer? Then another thought struck me; we should not enter into worship to make ourselves feel good about worship - we pray alone; and commune in church - to worship, to have fellowship, to sing praises SO THAT GOD WILL FEEL GOOD! The inspiration it gives one is a spin-off, a by-product... a blessing. (p.s. we please God immensely when we ask for His assistance and share our troubles with Him, too)

I, nevertheless, do believe that God still heard my morning prayer - I probably didn't impress Him as much as I could have, but He heard it... (I did a 'do-over' later) As for the weather's lesson - if something so natural and elemental (even now fully predictable) can sway my convictions and worthy action, how much less does it take for my nature (character) to be diluted by unpleasant and unexpected events and circumstances - betrayal, illness, financial strains, ungratefulness, etc. - makes one blink, doesn't it?

May God bless and guide our attitude and actions today! (",)

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