Bible Verse of the Day

Sunday, January 08, 2012

What Now?

At this time of the year you cannot look back over the road you have travelled without a sense of thanksgiving. The past year may have been hard and difficult, and you may have experienced bitter sorrow, so thank God that the past is behind you and turn to face the future with the fervent prayer and hope that it will be kinder.
Although many people try to probe the secrets of the future no one knows what it holds; therefore the wise course is to stop worrying about what may happen and prepare yourself for any eventuality.

To meet the unknown future it is necessary to have a positive and living faith in God. Such a faith is more than an intellectual assent to the existence of an Eternal Being. It is the firm conviction that the Living Christ can and does, live in the hearts and lives of all who love and serve Him.
When Christ lives in your heart and mind, and you are vividly aware of your oneness with Him, you will be able to face the future fearlessly. You will have the calm assurance that nothing can confront you that the Christ within you, in cooperation with you, cannot deal with successfully.

Divine Father; because I am committed to You
I shall not fear the unknown future,
Because my life is in Your Hands.