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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Affidavit

To my Soul and its Nemesis

Inasmuch as you declared I was the only one who can hurt you - I acknowledge this fear you hold... And hereby publicly admit to my weak human behaviour in using it in a misguided and wrongful manipulative way to fulfill my submissive unrealistic wants - as you know, I retracted and destroyed all tangible and intangible menace I proclaimed I could and would declare.

You have however carried out your threat and wounded me greatly... You have shared, in part, mistruths and self-construed criticisms about my person, and details of my private life, with strangers. You did to me what you implored I not do to you. I can probably forgive that; but using my relationship with God to temper my miscalculated actions; that only God may forgive you.

I pray I see the light; as I seek to understand this irrational and unfounded fear you still hold so close and seem to nurture; a fear that corrodes all hopes and sneers at dreams; I pray to see the sense in it, before I am self-convicted to defend myself to myself; and then even perhaps to the world beyond myself... Unfortunately this time, the truth will out, the defense of my accusers' litany and sworn script, is out out my hands.

Have mercy, dear Lord, show some mercy!

Because I know this could never be your sole untainted heartfelt  wishes or doing... ~ SB

First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others. - Thomas Kempis