Bible Verse of the Day

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heart Stopper - by keoni

A withered dry leaf
rolls as it is blown
by the wind to and fro
doesnt care which way it goes

Questioning my path
i ask
are you too great 
i think
you would let it blow
the leaf

Answering my cries
they come in strange ways
from the sand you leave behind
to our garden ripe vine
the leaf says yes
the leaf says no

i grow old
i grow young
i'm confused
too bold
too dumb

a reflection of light on the ceiling
a sense of comfort
my stomach still hurts

you fly 
into them all
why not?

am i not beautiful enough for you?
am i not rich enough to make you happy?

have i not endured enough pain?
is there nothing left to gain?

will it always change?
will you fly away when you are mine?
does any of this mean a thing?
when i play will you sing?

The drought is over, the war is over,
 our time to reign is near, however it's clear,
 that the younger ones now rule........

Get this straight, our job is different now.
We need not hide, we need not fear,
 we are protected, like you know. (or not)

your job is your job and my job is mine.
no matter what we do, relax, it's done.

our job is this:
to relax, look and be calm,
 please the many eyes upon us,
 keep the peace between us.

It burns to be away from you
It takes everything i have
To keep waking up alone
I pretend to not seem sad

I will faithfully be yours
I cant do it alone
Thank you for your time
Everywhere is home...

Happiness keeps you sweet. Trials keep you strong. Sorrows keep you human. Failures keep you humble. And God, keeps you going.

Sometimes you get closure, sometimes you don't. You just have to walk away knowing you tried your best, and let God handle the rest!