Bible Verse of the Day

Sunday, November 06, 2011

There for the taking...

Another chapter of your life story has closed so that this one may open. Stop struggling and simply be where you are in this moment. Let the feelings of pain, loss, inconsequence, despondence, guilt and grief wash over you; let them crest and fall away.

And then, when that process feels complete, pick up your story with a sense of adventure and begin anew. For you can begin again. Be willing to try new things, to do what you have never done, to be open to new ways of being in the world. But be cautious; it is so easy to swap one ‘bully’ for another in life. Meditate and find that quiet space within.

Don't be hard on yourself, rather, be forgiving and understanding and kind. You are like a weary traveler who has come in from the cold after an arduous journey.

 Take your rest. Rebuild your strength. What has not worked out for you yet; does not mean that nothing will ever work out for you.

New endeavours will flourish ultimately; think of yourself as planting seeds. Remember to water them with those drops of love and gratitude. Remain open to possibilities. See the Universe as befriending you, not betraying you. Know that you are exactly where you need to be and are meant to be. 

You are greatly loved, and dear to someone. You are never without support. Ask for help and for miracles. For as you ask, you shall receive. But between the asking and the receiving, you must trust. That is your part. See your situation differently, with trust that all is unfolding perfectly, and this will set you free... 

Love and GOD Bless ~SB

Love Is Never Easy and Distance Doesnt Make It Any Easier by Any Means but It Does Make You Realize What You Want What You Need and Most Importantly Realizing That One Person You Dont Mind Missing Because Its the One Person You Cant Live Without