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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ready, reset, go…

Marine chronometer

The minute beginning at 23:59, Universal Time, June 30, 1983, was 61 seconds long.

At that moment, the International Bureau of Time in Paris and observatories all over the world added one second to their atomic clocks to compensate for the fact that the earth’s rotation rate is slower by one to three thousandths of a second a day, or roughly by up to one second a year. (doing this is easier than telling the world to stop turning for a sec, I suppose - lol)

Caesium Clock
Most atomic clocks measure time by the                                  9 192 631 770 oscillations that take place in the caesium atom every second. They are accurate to within a factor of one second every 3000 years. Terrestrial time, as registered by the earth’s rotation, is far less precise because atmospheric currents, friction in the oceans and other factors cause the earth to spin slower and irregularly. By international agreement, whenever the discrepancy between the time kept by atomic clocks and terrestrial time approaches eight tenths of a second, the world’s clocks are adjusted accordingly.

Time is God's way of preventing everything from happening at once...

Black holes are where God divided by zero...