Bible Verse of the Day

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Challenges - of the personal kind...

Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall
Right down to the wire, even through the fire

Personal challenges often get in the way of what you want to accomplish in your life and the on whole even normal challenges we must face it can sometimes feel daunting.  What's worse is that it's not always something that's acknowledged as a roadblock to rebuilding our life and the stress of personal resistance can range from annoying to incapacitating.

No matter where you are on your road for change you might feel at a loss about where to start in order to overcome this personal resistance.  Fortunately there are lots of tools for breaking through this resistance and creating the change you want in order to have a successful 'new' life.

Believe it or not there’s actually a formula to understand the components of change!  It was created by Richard Bechard and David Gleicher to describe organizational development but is also applicable to personal/professional change as well.

Here is Bechard’s Formula: D x V x FS > R 

This is how it works: 

D = Dissatisfaction:  The higher your dissatisfaction with the status quo gets the more likely you are to initiate change.

V = Vision:  The more clear and specific your vision is the more traction you can acquire in making change.

FS = First Steps:  The more clear you on your First Steps the more capable you are at following through on change.

R = Resistance to Change:  Resistance can be about fear, time or monetary costs, emotional concerns or any number of issues or reasons that hold you back.  Basically, resistance is anything that stops you.

Each of the variables is a core element to overcoming resistance and having the ability to move forward.  Using basic algebra you can see that if any one of the variables D, V or FS is big enough you will be able to overcome resistance.  In combination they can literally create massive momentum to changing the status quo.