Bible Verse of the Day

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I'm sorry...

Grief and gratitude are kindred souls, each pointing to the beauty of what is transient and given to us by grace.

Your failure is temporary. Because God created you a champion. The Bible says, God made you in His image and likeness. That means that deep in every cell of your body and in every fibre of your being is the DNA of a champion. Nothing can defeat you. No trial. No crisis. No conflict. No accusation. And if you fall, because you have the DNA of a champion, you won’t go back to where you came from. You will bounce to a higher place. And you will say, “Thank God I failed,” and “Thank God I went through the crisis.

In the midst of great joy, do not promise anyone anything. In the midst of great anger, do not answer anyone's letter. -Chinese Proverb

"Listening to your heart is the same as listening to the Holy Spirit. They both speak the same language of Love."