Bible Verse of the Day

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Only you can 'mark' or torment your own soul. The saying: 'Selling your Soul to the Devil', is a just that, a saying. It is an impossibility to sell one's soul. The lover of your soul is a jealous Protector and Owner of that precious (to Him) Spirit.

This perceived feeling of 'helplessness' hinges on the precept that we are incapable, stranded, isolated and abandoned to our own devices, and self-strength, in the difficult times. Nonsense! 'My help comes from the Lord' - Psalm23

This help manifests itself in many ways, but most definitely and commonly in the form of family, friends and acquaintances. The 'help' especially put there by our loving Father to help us overcome all the upheavals and evils that life, in its totality, throws at us.

Even family and friends established in our paths, exhibit or allow themselves, to be influenced by this feeling of helplessness; the inability to know what to say, or do or even (ridiculously) pray for another. I refuse to believe that there are times when there is nothing one can do. No matter how insignificant or empty that 'helping hand' may seem to you; you have no idea how it will affect the person you intend to help. So don't overthink your action, just go ahead and do it!

Personally; when I am unable to 'reach out and touch' somebody's suffering physically; my solution is to bring the problem to the Lord in prayer. And to me even this, at times I admit, seems so fruitless and fickle. But that is just the Devil, still playing his tricks, and especially so when he knows we are vulnerable to a loss of faith...

Be careful with fear. Because when fear becomes overwhelming, it’ll control you. When it does, fear won’t only take you away from danger, death and destruction. It’ll take you away from your dreams too...