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Thursday, October 13, 2011

black roses (robind) & Questions of Sorrow - (Mo Hampton)

Always quiet at night
The stars are lonely, distant
Thoughts enter my mind
Not one thought is here
Many a sad song
Tears and words 
Why do I hide

Closer and closer comes the final hour
I hear the angels sing
When I lay down to rest
Life can never remain strong
Just like love is never the same
I have so many fears
I always try to fight my pain
My feelings are striped bare

My final plight
To you I can never face
I'm not afraid to die
give me Black Roses
And the blessing of Death

How do you say sorry to people you love with all your charm?
How do you say sorry when you did not mean to harm?

How do you go back to take it all away?
How do you go back before that day?

How do you once again warm the heart?
How do you erase the past and begin a fresh start?

Can you again sleep long and peaceful or will you continue to roll and flip?
Can you return to the simple times of pleasant friendship?

Can anyone answer these vital questions that I ponder?
Wow, how life goes on without you, and leaves you on memory lane only to wander!