Bible Verse of the Day

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ark of Triumph!

Noah's Ark - replicated to scale by using archaeological pieces found on Mt Ararat, believed to be remnants from the original ark...

Are we not all members of the same Body and partakers of the same Spirit and heirs of the same blessed hope of eternal life? . . . Why do we not, as becomes brethren, dwell together in unity, but are so apt to quarrel and break out into heats, to crumble into sects and parties, todivide and separate from one another upon every trifling occasion? Give me leave . . . in the name of our dear Lord . . . to recommend to you this new commandment of His, that ye love one another. Which is almost a new commandment still, and hardly the worse for wearing, so seldom is it put on, and so little hath it been practiced among Believers. - John Tillotson