Bible Verse of the Day

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

True... - by womball

Through our friends 
We were acquainted.
Getting to know each other
Took much patience.
You had the sweetest smile,
Like that of an angel
It was just one aspect
That made you so special.
The closer we got,
The feelings showed through.
I knew inside 
Our love was true.

Together we would be-
My wish on a shooting star
Together forever
Is what we are?
I saw your sweet face
Most every day
Now waiting to see you
Seems so far away.
Your angel smile
And gentle kiss,
Are a few everyday blessings?
That I truly miss.
Knowing nothing 
Will come between you, and me 
Makes it so unbelievably true
When you say to me...
"I Love You"