Bible Verse of the Day

Saturday, April 04, 2015


Your Needs - It isn’t selfish to take care of your needs; it is essential. You are instructed to put the oxygen
mask on yourself first on a plane. Likewise, you take care of yourself so that you will have something to give to others in a healthy way. It is easy to neglect your needs in difficult relationships because others often pressure you to put them first, but if you don’t honor yourself by taking care of your needs, you are not respecting yourself.

Your Boundaries – Difficult people don’t like boundaries and will push you to change them for their own selfish interest. Your boundaries define what is and isn’t acceptable for you. When you allow things to violate your boundaries, you are disrespecting yourself because you are living in a way that violates your standards. Figure out what your limits are, and then respect yourself by standing firm in them.

Your Opinions – Remember, just because someone says it doesn’t make it so. Don’t discount your thoughts and beliefs because other people disagree with you. Your opinions are just that – yours. It doesn’t make them wrong when someone believes differently. It is tempting to give in to the pressure in difficult relationships to conform yourself to others’ perceptions and beliefs, but you need to resist it to be true to yourself.

Your Feelings – It is tempting to judge your feelings as right or wrong, but your feelings are simply there to teach you about how you are being affected by the people in your life so you can make decisions that value yourself. It is tempting to discount them and deny them. Instead, let yourself feel all your emotions, pay attention to them, and let them teach you about yourself.

Your Talents – God gave you your gifts and talents and expects you to do something with them. Don’t neglect them to take care of others or minimize them by deciding they are unimportant; instead, work on accepting yourself just as God made you rather than putting yourself down and comparing yourself to others. And figure out how to fulfill the purpose that God made you for by using your talents wisely.

Respecting yourself is important because if you don’t respect yourself, others won’t either.

Pray with me...

Dear Lord God,
Help me live in a way that honours who You made me to be and conduct myself in a way that is self-respecting.