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Sunday, November 30, 2014

I am NOT ashamed, I hold NO fear... If GOD is for me - who can stand against that...

Some of you may have noticed that certain people did not start giving you a hard time until they saw the Lord really moving in your lives.

Not everyone can handle your progression and development, and I'm not only referring to the natural. I'm also referring to your SPIRITUAL advancement. Not everyone will be happy for you. Some may have liked you better when you lived your life completely COMMITTED to sin, not possessing the desire to change for the better. Now that the Lord has blessed you with a renewed mind and transformed your way of thinking, you may find that those who were once closest to you are now straying from you.

Count it all joy anyway, and continue to allow the Lord to work on you. Your circle may become smaller, and you may not be accepted by most. However, I often say that rejection is MANY times evidence that you belong to Christ. Jesus did not "fit in" with the world. Thus, as His people, we are expected to be different also.

When we join the family of believers and when we truly seek God the way we should, then growth is inevitable. Some may join you and others may not. Yet, for those who have walked out on you, still pray for them. For those who talk about you, still pray for them. For those who continue to bring up your past with ill intentions, still pray for them because these are people who may fully open their hearts to Christ one day.

Just continue advancing. Continue elevating. Continue to allow God to use you, and never allow anyone to make you feel ashamed about your progress.


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