Bible Verse of the Day

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Yours is the face I see as I close my eyes, and the visage remains in my mind until I awake. I am helpless to prevent its course. A pleasant presence, perhaps even obsessive, but never invasive; sweet torture, so tenderly beautifully constant!

I hereby pledge, before and with the help of God, to love, honour, cherish, serve and obey with you for rest of my life here on Earth. And should the Lord see fit to take me with Him into Eternity, I extend this pledge to that Glorious Abode as well.

This pledge’s essence is timeless and therefore its expiry null and insists this that you contact me the split second your circumstances have aligned to make it possible for us to be together.

The singular reproach I hold against you is the current longing I have for more exposure to that spirit of abundant kindness, love and interest you exhibit so selflessly. That infectious giggle and teasing nature I love so dearly.

I embrace the special joy you bring to our love that no other could ever replace; this consequence prevails on me to further troth this that with the blessing of God our Father; I shall not extend my full love to another; and will remain faithfully yours until you return to me…

Kind, gentle soul embrace this oath as a treasure that you possess in something precious, that I know and feel you hold dear. Under this guarantee I am perfectly patient and peacefully content to wait, completely trusting in your wisdom and God’s guidance in your and my life ahead.

Forever yours

For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.” -1 John 3:11