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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Love poems explored...

Words So Deep - by brandybs1

You say words so deep, not speaking at all
My heart beats fast, I know soon I'll fall
Your touch sends chills so deep through me
Your hunger for love is so plain to see

Longing for that missing piece, of what you need to complete you
You're not alone in this, I want you to know I feel it too
Your eyes are floating, I can see you feel this just may be
The very thing you've always known you would need

Searching the eyes, being fooled by some
I'm thinking maybe that the time has finally come
To watch something grow from nothing so fast
I'll pray every night that this is the one that will truly last

Know this is for real, I'm not playing a game 
Because I saw in your eyes that too were sick of the pain
And with that know I believe I'm the one for you
To create a world with, where everyday will be so new...

Chely - by kbwright

When the hour moves my tender quill
On golden leaf, my words escape,
Your earthen set of eyes fulfill.
Unfolding in their blessed shape.

To brilliant for mortal men best seen,
Where every star is set in place,
With spheres that gleam sweetly serene.
How pure? How dear? In nameless grace.

Heavens shine is counted fair
The holy hours external light,
Greets you with beauty's wear.
Your gently gaze frames my true sight.

Upon your brow is beauty's name,
My sweet express becomes your fame...