Bible Verse of the Day

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Don't ever take away someone's hope. It may be all they have to hold on to.

The Moon's Shadowby frost1_2000

On a warm summer's night I fitfully crave a slumber that won't come.
I toss and I turn then get out of bed, my sleeplessness most bothersome.
I walk through the house and out the door and notice the pale moonlight.
I trod down a path and into the woods to discover whatever I might.
The cool air sweetly caresses my skin, and seems to tease my senses.
My feet crush the leaves as I revel in what only summer's eve dispenses.
The moon bright &full the crickets chirp loud, the moons shadow gentle & soft.
Bring back to mind the face of a sad lost love, I think of her so very oft.
Oh if I could only but summon, all the powers of sorcery on earth.
And rekindle the feelings now long gone, of happiness joy and mirth.
Walking down the path my feet make a crunch as I step upon acorn cups.
I hear a hoot owl perched way up in a tree, as upon a small rodent he sups.
The world looks so different in the dim of the night, colors of black gray & blue.
Bathing all that we see in a special way found only night's point of view.
On past nights such as this my lost love and I, always we were together.
But love is a madness it binds & it hobbles, as surly as any a tether.
She and her love have now gone just as the snow with the sun disappears.
Yet the memory of her my foolish heart keeps, I weep but nobody hears.
Her soft supple lips held electricity within, a prisoner of her sweet kiss.
The electricity I felt from her caress caused my heart to pound and list.
She was for a time if ever so brief, the source of my hearts salvation.
But nothing lasts forever, especially love's dizzying abreviation.
For even today, I find her name so sharp and painful to say.
What is this folly why do I wish to open old wounds anyway?
I'm certain you the reader have known a woman just such as she.
I'm still a captive to her menacing spell, although I long to be free.
What I once in my heart perceived to be the love of a lifetime.
Eroded into an uncaring coldness, for her even today I pine.
We both made our promises then I believed this was for the long haul.
But sadly then I came to discover I never really knew her at all.
When I think of that hurtful episode, my heart is filled with despair.
For all of the now forsaken possibilities I solemnly cry a tear.
Deeper walk I into the woods and I come to rest upon a rock.
I wonder how a man's sincere love, a woman can coldly mock.
All at once I then become aware of rushing waters in a creek.
Flowing down from whence it wended, I glance over for a peek.
The air now is mysteriously different I feel inside dread & gloom.
Is this a nightmare of a stygian realm, clouds blanket the full moon?
From the corner of my eye I spot what I think is a willow-the-wisp.
Then drifts a solitary wolf's mournful howl so very eerie and crisp.
At that moment my eyes behold movement near the babbling stream.
I see a beautiful apparition, part woman, part ghost, and part dream.
She asks, "Who now disturbs my longtime peaceful sleep?
Why do you sit near my grave sight and here in the forest weep?
Even though my body decays where we now stand beneath the dirt.
I can tell your tender heart is tormented and crushed with pain & hurt."
Dare I believe what beheldest my eyes or her figure floating near the water.
Unsurpassed beauty in all of her features someone's exceptional daughter.
She senses my pain & the bitterness within, she senses my dejection.
My eyes feast upon her translucent form, adorned in feminine perfection.
I know not if I can trust this vision, do my wits or my senses lie.
This hauntingly beautiful lady takes my hand and walks me to the rye.
"Free your mind of all thoughts but me, for our spirits are truly kindred."
Her soft silk smooth voice eases me as I feast on her image so splendid.
"I once too loved just as you do, but alas 'twas all in vain.
Then came my broken heart, till in this cold grave I was lain."
Her words were as food and her ghost breath as intoxicating as wine.
On her long hair rays of pale moonlight translucent with gloriously shine.
Her soul told me all through her warm eyes, her image kissed with a gaze.
I stood frozen & speechless from this all, unable to utter one phrase.
" Be strong my kindred spirit true, for time surely heals all the pain.
Just as the golden rays of the sun, chase away cold winter rain.
Because love sees more than it should, it often sees so much less.
And that is why I speak to you, and to you my heart I confess."
There was I dazzled and wondering at the phantoms simple speech.
Then her image began to fade, and disappear out of my reach.
"Please don't you go", I with great urgency cried.
"Your lovely face from me you must not now hide.
For before you return to your desolate cold grave.
There is one more thing, I from you desperately crave.
Just as a drunkard, from his cup of wine sips.
I long for but one sweet as wine kiss from your supple lips."
She said, "Death's icy grasp upon me is frigid and strong.
If grant I your kiss then I fear you'll not live very long."
"Who cares of such things", I fired back in retort.
"If life is not happy, then it may as well be short.
Please grant me my wish, my request is but a smidgen.
For me to again feel love, is more powerful than religion.
To be martyred for love, is a price I'm willing to pay.
So what I'm feeling right now will never go away."
Tormented by desire I stood utterly helpless there.
Because love has abandoned me forever I fear.
I said to the ghost, "You always have known.
People such as you and I, must never be alone."
The ghost floated to me and pressed her lips to mine.
My head started spinning, from the sweet kiss divine.
I then could not breath I was beginning to choke.
The ghost was freeing me from life's painful yoke.
We both hugged so tightly as I from weakness sank.
She gave me one last kiss there on the riverbank.
The grip of passion so powerful this no one can deny.
Prepared I then to join my wraith in the mansions on high.
I said to her, "My soul to you this last thing implores.
As my life slips away please take my hand into yours.
So at the instant my spirit from my body departs.
"You and I will be together with our dead kindred hearts."
My senses were fading, I heard the ghost's poignant laughter.
And at the very next moment, I slipped into the ever after.
The morale and theme of this eerie tale of love so brief,
Love is life's greatest pleasure, and most heartbreaking grief.