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Monday, December 19, 2011

The day awakes - by lonely1234ab

the day awakes its flame rising above the mountain line
and i watch the beauty as it unfolds from silken sheets
eyes open slowly and shine as the brightest star in time
bewildering brown they gaze at me as our eyes meet
a gentle smile she reaches out with slender arms
and pulls me close to wrap her up in mine. 
she smiles her breath upon my face sets off alarms  
as something stirs and unfolds like a ball of twine
her lips touch mine so tender two souls collide

my mind melts sparks fly and all i see is haze
pure oblivion as she lays there at my side
this moment i dont wish to end for days
she reaches for that part that i have grown
feeling her gentleness i roll  onto my back
slowly she strokes and hears me gently moan
then a promise made brings my mind  on track
never till i know my heart is free shall i betray 
another's feelings  for simple lust
to wait till pain and hurt have gone away
or never again until my body turns to dust

a whisper leaves her lips she understands it says
a tear leaves my eye as it replies,
a memory of someone from other days
of hurt and pain and many many lies
someday this morning's story will unfold
and reach the heights of pure unbridled love
but till that day my passion i must hold
and then release and let it fly just like a dove