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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

While She Sleeps - by frost1_2000

There's a secret pleasure that I must now confess.
About my sweet lady and our intense blissfulness.
After impassioned lovemaking under a candles glow,
We lie together in bed, and she drifts to sleep slow.

It is then I sit up, careful not to utter a peep.
And watch my lady fair, while she is asleep.
I marvel at the brilliance of her long flaxen hair.
Her chest rises and sinks as she breaths the air.

The fading candlelight dances upon her skin.
My heart pounds madly with an internal din.
I envy the fabric that is the coverlet and sheet.
It caresses her wholly from her head to her feet.

She turns over while sleeping, what does it mean?
Is she lost in the ecstasy of some wonderful dream?
She inhales with a whisper, and exhales very slight.
I could stay in our bed and only watch her all night.

When the sun rises, such nocturnal pleasures I miss.
I lean over her loveliness, and I give her a kiss.
The moon in the heavens most certainly weeps.
For it beholdest not my lady, while she sleeps.

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