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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A sporting chance...

I believe it is only fair to give ample warning to one's opponents and ill-wishers; when you become aware that they have embarked upon a path, decision or action bound to their ultimate demise. After all, it is the Godly thing to do. The misguided together with the wicked are in the end their own worse enemies and cause their own downfall.

Now why should I not just sit back and relish the plight of such wretched beings?

That is not the way I was brought up. In our home, we were taught to forgive immediately; forgetting was however all up to you. If you felt OK living in fear and dread of what might or maybe repeated by that entity upon you, was a personal matter between your peace (God's grace over you life) and the trappings, ego and arrogant vanity of your lifestyle and troubled mind - the twisted entanglement of misnomers that govern your being and all those it effects through and around you.

It is certainly not the ground my relationship and lifestyle in God teaches me to embrace. I would be remiss in not issuing a warning shot to all parties; direct, peripheral or complicit; busy fervently monitoring, beckoning and promoting the expectation of a fall from grace of another. You are entering a world of uncanny misfortune and endless dilemmas that will haunt you until you fall down, humble yourself, and beg relief. Not from me, or any other mortal; but from our Protector and Saviour.

I am compelled by my convictions to offer you this forbode as you seek to trample on any person.
Let us call this one of my testominies...

All through my almost 50 years on this earth I have been the recipient of divine guidance and miraculous good luck (as secular deviants and scorning scoffers would term it). The guidance was usually in the form of my parents (my late father more specifically) and other unique individuals (Guardian Angels) who inspire and show me the righteous way to do, allow and accept. (Understanding is over-rated, any enlightened true Follower would know that everything has a reason) - even a 'persecution' inflicted on me, has its reason - and I'm elated to say that I rarely understand it; but I know its end result will further my education of its initial absurdity; as well as that of its purpertrators - ironic - and even exciting...

When a Child of God is attacked by slander and his entire being is judged by his moments of unworthy passion and uncharacteristic behaviour, at these times I have noticed how I become the recipient of some real awesome divine favour. I simply hand it over into God's hands and He does the rest - he actually instructs me to sit back and watch.

It is indeed sad that at times I have to allow even those close to my heart to suffer this divine wrath that they have brought on themselves. It pains me to see the turmoil and grief they have to endure and come to terms with as their lives, self-worth, material gains and fickle, inflated status is trampled into the ground like so much dirt. How they begin to fail in all they pursue, how they are made to prosper; only to have that accomplshment and so much more ripped out from under and within - and this also applies to those who championed them on their woeful path and sadly even loved-ones have to bear the brunt of their sinful actions. If you are amongst these you are jointly liable to experience very many hards times - just watch; and I pray you be extremely cognisant of the signs that will manifest very soon.

No one has the power to stop the inflictions that follow - it is ordained. We serve a jealous and almighty God who will not stand idle while His own are accused, ridiculed and mistreated for longer than they can endure. He will and has stepped in - I can relate horror stories (many personal) that bear witness to His promise to love and keep His nearest and dearest in top form as they prepare themselves for an eternity with him. So many stories of how He smites those who overstep their self-imposed earthly duties, clutter themselves with self-importance, and ignore His purposes - (some even feign; and fool themselves into believing that they are doing His will - these are the worst of the lot, for their hearts are black and their souls are dead and primed for damnation)

Be warned of the Divine Favour that exists in these words... You will have only yourself to blame.  I still love you all and implore you to consider very carefully the road and box you deem necessary to open. Lord have mercy ~ Stafford

I often said you didn't exist 
Because my eyes wouldn't see
I may have given up on you Lord
But you never gave up on me 
When troubles happened in my life 
I would hang my head and cry
You let these things happen to me 
And at times I wondered why 
I was quick to say if there was a GOD
He wouldn't let these happen to me 
I may have given up on you Lord 
But you never gave up on Me 

At many times during my life 
When the troubles were hard to bear
I forgot the teachings of my youth
And said you were not there
I've heard your word again dear Lord
And my eyes they finally see
I thank you for every day of my life 
That you never gave up on me .