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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To Mom and Dad

Very, very recently I have been willfully deceived, hurt and discounted by someone I care for deeply - the ingratitude and mistrust displayed has however only cemented my resolve to do my best and act in the best interests of  this misguided person - it caused me to post the following words for my parents:
I finally understand and appreciate the important role that you have played in my life. I guess part of the maturing process is realizing how the discipline and teaching at a young age shape and mould one’s future. Politeness, confidence, respect and love for God and myself are treasured gifts I developed primarily because of my upbringing.
Each time I see this I thank God for a mother and father who had the foresight and love, and most of all the patience, to instill these ideals in me. The more independent I become, and the further away I am from you, the more I depend upon what you have taught me.
This doesn’t mean I know everything. There is so much more I still need to learn; and I don’t think that will ever end.
Instead of constantly receiving, I feel that I want to give something back, and that is the satisfaction of you knowing how successful all your efforts were. To make you proud is just as important as my own success.
I love you...

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